Dorset Nectar Cider Company

Dorset Nectar are all about family and the idyllic Dorset. Initially the cider apple orchard was planted for and had a long standing apple contract with Gaymers in Shepton Mallet, which they soon ceased as they began using more and more of the apples for their own ciders and products.

Dorset Nectar cider was born during the banking recession of 2008 as the metal sculpture exhibits and shows fell through; the push to produce beautifully hand crafted products from the organic apples became the focus.

Soon sons and daughters wholeheartedly took on the task of learning about running an orchard and heritage cidermaking, cider vinegar, apple syrup, apple juice production from the apples and craft ale brewing. including bee keeping, orchard care and even organic free range chicken egg farming and pig keeping.