Lock 81 Brewery

About Lock 81 

Lock 81 Brewery is named after the Grand Union Canal’s Batchworth Lock in Rickmansworth, a small town in London’s commuter belt. Here, in the kitchen of Henry's flat, two friends spent years honing their skills on a homebrew kit, studying for brewing qualifications and dreaming of starting their own brewery. James eventually moved to Australia and after years of telling everyone he was going to start a brewery, in 2019 Henry decided it was time to do something about it.  

Lock 81 started brewing commercially in late 2019, with the goal of producing consistent, interesting and flavourful beers, using the best ingredients and exciting new hop varieties from around the world.

The Brewery 

Lock 81 is a genuine ‘nanobrewery’ – regularly brewing on a two-barrel (around 300 litres) system in a small industrial unit in Watford, just down the road from Rickmansworth. The small system provides the opportunity to experiment with new beers and expand the range when we find something that we like. Starting up, we made a conscious decision to invest what little money we had in equipment and cold storage that would make the best quality beers possible, rather than in a larger brewery.  

The Beers 

All Lock 81 beers are vegan-friendly. While our beer undergoes extensive cold conditioning to remove yeast before carbonation, it is unfined and unfiltered to maintain maximum flavour and aroma. The beers should be stored cold wherever possible and drunk fresh