Trenchmore Farm

Silly Moo Cider's name came about as their cows go a little bit silly when they get the chance to devour the apple pomace left behind from pressing the juice..!

Silly Moo is an unusually civilised farmhouse cider, made on the farm by Rachel and Andrew. It is a marriage of East coast and West Country cider styles as they blend their fully fermented cider with more apple juice to balance it. 

Their orchard has over nineteen varieties of traditional cider apple trees - bittersweet, sharp and bittersharp apples, which they planted in 2012. These are blended with apples they source from English orchards and the gardens of Sussex, which are brought to their farm in the Autumn to be swapped for cider.

Made once a year in the autumn means that every year the cider is slightly different, reflecting the terroir - its soils, the year's weather and the amazing variety of apples our swappers bring in.