Hello and Welcome to Micro Beer Crate.

We are a hands on, family run, small, independent distributor. Our original outlook was to supply locally sourced beers. However, in the grand scheme of things, certain regions outshine others due to their unique locations and resources - as well as the fact we thoroughly enjoy travelling around the country, tasting exciting new beers and building relationships with producers. 
We, as a company, are offering our customers the opportunity to purchase appealing and intriguing products by the unit, with a minimum order value of £25.
Essentially, what we do is supply a variety of beers all in one crate. Both on a local basis and on a nationwide basis. We are starting the ball rolling to get beer and cider lovers, such as yourself, aware of the ever growing market of microbreweries out there. These are mostly family run, small to medium businesses that will provide you bespoke beer, with a more personal touch. Breweries that perhaps wouldn't be available outside of a local capacity if this service wasn't available. This is a chance to experience the exploits of the independent microbreweries across the UK.
First and foremost, we will only be sourcing products that we have tried, tested and enjoyed ourselves. By meeting and getting to know the producers of each product, we gain a greater insight into the process behind each item, therefore building a relationship between us and the producer.
We will also be running an optional subscription to our website at a minimal operational price. This would give you the opportunity to try a variety of new, tried and tested beers, which you may not have otherwise encountered. 
In order to establish the most popular products and to help us decide what to stock, we will be tracking sales and assessing trends. From this we will be able to make suggestions and give feedback to our suppliers. All feedback is welcome as it will help us gain an insight into what our customers want. 
Well, that's us! 
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via email at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Happy shopping!