Mad Yank - Watchkeeper's Promise - 2.8%ABV - 330ml Glass Bottle

Mad Yank - Watchkeeper's Promise - 2.8%ABV - 330ml Glass Bottle

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The wonderful people at Mad Yank have described this as:

Appearance: Pale Golden Caramel
Aroma: Biscuity
Flavour: Banana, Pear, Clove
Mouthfeel: Crisp


Taking a step back from our usual M.O. of going high-and-to-the-right, we wanted to make a more traditional beer style that even the most casual craft beer drinker could enjoy.  Adhering to the “Reihnheitsgebot” (German beer production purity laws) means we can call this one “street legal”.  We also kept the ABV low without sacrificing any of the qualities that makes this style so enduring.

Contains: Barley, Wheat.


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